Sparkle Technologies is a Dallas, TX, based technology consulting company specializing in data analysis and custom application development. We do everything from phone consultations, to greenfield application development, to migration of legacy applications.

Sparkle Technologies was started by Justin Kuo. Justin received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University and his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from USC. Upon graduation, he worked at Johnson Space Center on the Space Station Flight software. After being there for several years, Justin moved to Silicon Valley to fulfill a childhood dream and started a software consulting company. His projects included everything from software that ran flow cytometers, silicon wafer testing machines, and industrial coffee roasters, to scientific software that detected genetic abnormalities of fetuses from blood samples and software that calculated properties of silicon photonic networks.

In 2011, Justin got a call from Bridgewater Associates to build out their trading platforms. He joined the firm, built out their algorithmic FX trading execution systems and analytics systems, and was responsible for their algorithmic FX trading strategies. Eventually, Justin left Bridgewater to become a partner at a startup quantitative hedge fund.

Justin was living in Dallas, Texas, but commuting weekly to New York for work. Recently, Justin’s wife had a baby, and thus he has decided to say local and return to software consulting.